Training where?

When I’m home, I could still do small trips for a stretching meeting. I found a nice service which used google maps to calculate how far you can drive in a certain time.

map with poligon of 2 hours drive
How far can I get by car in about 2 hours

So here is my range map which I created with a speed setting of 140km/h and a 2 hours travel time. If you live in that region, or if you can get yourself inside, you are lucky. Just ask for a meeting. I have not taken into account public transport which puts Paris and London and many other European cities also on the map.

Cost? Well basically the training is free. Maybe you can pay my fuel costs or if there is need for an hotel. Also flight and train tickets would be your entering fee to the bend mine.

There is no problem to reverse the travel. I have enough room for training and, if need is, the couch or air mattress is quite comfy.


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Double training session in september (UK)

There will be two trainings in the UK this september. I published them on CU as well as on facebook.

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The Bend Frame

At the ICC 2011 Bill showed a new stretching device to do assisted stretching of the back. It’s advantages are that you can easily relax into the stretch and that the assistant has a good grip and does not need too much strength.

Of course first thing we did at the Hamburg meeting is to build one. Instead of the wooden version we used water pipes. It shows good stability and works well.

Here is a time lapse video of the build up.

And some close ups and pictures of the usage

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The Bend Mine meeting in Hamburg

We are organizing a training weekend in Hamburg end of october.

Please RSVP here


Deutscher text siehe unten

The Bend Mine organies a 3 day long stretchy come together in Hamburg, probably the nicest town in whole Germany. Profit from the brand new tips on training fresh from the ICC. Assist each other to perfect your most problematic poses. And have fun.

This meeting is placed on the german holiday of “Wiedervereinigung” so especially adressing our fellow german contortionists. People from other countries are of course welcome, we all can speak english.

Cost will be 50€, paid upfront. If you are not able to spend such amount of money, you can ask the people of The Bend Mine to reimburse your cost at the meeting (i.e. if you don’t come, you won’t get reimbursed).

We hope that we can gather some people of the european scene so that we don’t need all to travel to Vegas to see each other.

The Bend Mine organisiert wieder ein 3-tägiges Treffen in Hamburg, wohl einer der schönsten Städte und immer eine Reise wert !

Bei dem Treffen kannst Du von brandneuen und aktuellen Know How und Tricks und Tipps von der ICC profitieren und Dich mit anderen austauschen. Es geht dabei von einem lockeren Kennen lernen bis zu einem intensiven Partner-Stretching Wokshop, je nachdem wie es gewollt ist oder aber wo Hilfe benötigt wird. Im Vordergrund steht der gemeinsame Spaß und die Möglichkeit sich Theoretisch und Praktisch zum Thema Kontorsion auszutauschen.

Das Treffen findet am am Wochenende des 3. Oktober statt, also mit dem zusätzlichen  Feiertag der Deutschen Einheit, so dass 3 volle Tage zu Verfügung stehen. Der Zeitplan ist noch offen und kann noch individuell angepasst werden. Wenn Du nur einen Tag vorbeischauen möchtest oder ab das ganze Wochenende dabei sein möchtest, es ist alles möglich.

Um die Kosten für Raum usw. zu decken, wird eine Pauschale von 50,- € je Teilnehmer erhoben, die vorab zu zahlen ist. Es besteht die Möglichkeit für Dich, dass diese Kostenpauschale vor Ort erstattet wird, denn The Bend Mine will dass keine Teilnahme wegen den Kosten scheitert.
Diese Erstattung geht aus organisatorischen Gründen leider nur vor Ort!

Wer Interesse hat, weitere Fragen hat oder aber nur mehr Informationen braucht, schreibt uns oder fügt einen Kommentar hier an’s Event!

Wir freuen uns auf alle die Interesse haben und hoffen darauf, dass wir die Szene auch hier zusammenbekommen und nicht erst alle nach Las Vegas fliegen müssen um uns zu treffen !


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International Contortion Convention

I will be at the International Contortion Convention

ICC 2011 Logo

International Contortion Convention 2011 in Las Vegas

So if you want to see me, have a little chat and participate together at the ICC workshops and talks, this is the place to be!
You will not regret the unique experience of the ICC.

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howto cheststand

The cheststand, the most envied position. Always wanted, rarely obtained.

Benji in cheststand reading a book

cheststand done by Benji

I’m currently studying the breathing issue in cheststand with my students.
I don’t do cheststands myself, I just collect experience from other people who do them.

A well known trainer once said “in yoga you breathe in this position, in contortion you don’t”. Well some people really do that, but in the end, you will need to breathe.

As long as you can raise your chin off the floor while in cheststand, it should be ok. A training idea is to prop up your chin on a pile of books.

MrSpooky being assisted by George

One issue is that before you can actually try a cheststand you have already done quite a lot of warm up and stretching and then you are too exhausted to do a proper cheststand. That’s where assisted training comes into play. The helper takes off some of the load so you’re no so exhausted when you want to do the extreme bends.

Do not try to go too far, you need to get used to being in that position.

Key for a good stretch is relaxing. To be in a cheststand relaxed, put your feet on a support a little higher up instead of on the floor, so that you are comfortable. Then relax into that pose

Everyone is different, you need to find your easiest way

  • There is the “scorpion way”, laying on your front, flipping up your legs above head.
  • There’s the “bridge way” where you make a bridge, go into elbow stand, then lower yourself on the chest. Only easy if you have good lower back, as this is not using shoulder flexibility to get down
  • There’s the “rolling way” which consists to grab your feet and pull them to the head, then roll forward.
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    Training 28-31 july in UK 2011

    I will be in the UK midlands from 28 to 31 july.
    I you would like to meet, just message me or email me.


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    Stretching meeting in cologne / stretchingtreffen in Köln

    On 22nd July we will meet in Cologne for a stretching meeting.
    Stretchingtreffen am 22. Juli in Köln

    For more infos, ask in the comments below, on CU or email me

    Für mehr infos bitte im Kommentarfeld fragen oder mich via CU oder email kontaktieren.

    Next meeting:
    * in the UK (midlands) between 28 and 31 July

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    Webstite address poll

    I have secured several addresses for my website.

    Which one is best?

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    Training 2011 in Luxembourg

    This gallery contains 12 photos.

    Spooky came for a visit to my hometown. We had several days of training. Here are some impressions. Share

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