What to expect

What can you expect from a training with me? You could simply read the testimonials, but some explanations are probably useful.

Beginners and amateurs are welcome as well as professional contortionists. I can instruct you how to do the stretches and give advice for further training or simply be your assistant to help you improve and support your contortion poses. This can either happen on a one on one basis or while meeting with several people where we can assist each other and exchange tricks and ideas.

With time I have developed my own training method, which is individually adapted to every student. It’s a mix between ashtanga yoga, gentle stretching, thai massage and some chinese inspired methods. I assist a lot to help the student relax into the stretch and to push where gravity is not enough. I’m a big fan of the PNF stretching technique.

How long?
A training session lasts until the student is exhausted, which usually is about 2 hours. If you manage to go longer, well then you have great stamina.

Any place with some room is enough. This can be your home where you usually stretch, or a gym or hotel room. It all depends on the location.

Most people fear uncontrolled forwarding of their pictures through the Internet. Therefore I use the following rule which is different from usual copyright rules: Any pictures taken during training are the property of the people in the picture. Publication on any media needs approval of everyone on the picture. Students can of course simply state that no pictures are taken.

I usually do this for free. If a dedicated exercise room needs to get rented, all participants are invited to share the cost of the room.

Just wear what you feel most comfortable to do the stretching. Note that you’ll have to deal with quite some transpiration. If you want me to correctly judge a backbend, don’t put on a loose fitting shirt. If possible bring a yoga mat or similar as hard floor or carpet is a good way to get rug burn.


Please ask any questions in the comments below, I’ll answer them as soon as possible.



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